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Rolling Rail News

Updated, 20. Apr 2015

* Welcome to Chester-le-Track at Chester-le-Street and Eaglescliffe stations.

* It has been a while since our last update as we have a new site at

* Visit individual train operator websites for information - scroll down this page to and click on operator logos.

* How to save money on train tickets does not just wait for you to come to our website, or our two stations in North East England.

Stationmaster Alex Nelson is able to visit clubs and societies throughout the region, or even further afield by arrangement, to tell the story of the leading independent railway stations and how to save money on rail travel.

Whether it’s a black tie dinner in the City of London or a friendly talk to a local community group, Alex is pleased to spill the beans on rail ticketing in an entertaining and informative way.

To make contact, please send details of your group or association to, or, if you prefer, telephone or text 07860 953981.

There is no fee for talks on “ticketing on Britain’s railways”, or on “Chester-le-Street and the Lindisfarne Gospels”, or “The Wrong Kind of Time”, an explanation of time and the railways. Instead, donations may be made, if desired, to the Durham Lesotho Link, which is a small charity working with young adults in the Kingdom of Lesotho in southern Africa. “

* has been operated since 1999 by Chester-le-Track which runs the booking offices at both Eaglescliffe and Chester-le-Street stations in north east England.

* Eaglescliffe station car park is CLOSED while work proceeds to triple it in size.  We apologise for the inconvenience, and please note parking restrictions in nearby streets.  

* We have recruited two new apprentices at Eaglescliffe. Ali and Henry are currently in training.

* Annual Gold Card rules also change this January, with a REDUCTION in the minimum fare.  If you hold a RYDE St Johns Road to Esplanade ticket, you can now buy an even cheaper Annual Gold Card between Lichfield City and Lichfield Trent Valley.  Please ask for details.

* We offer all fares available on the National Rail network, often cheaper than the internet sites - even our own! Please speak to one of our advisers by phone if you wish to get the most appropriate fare for your journey.  We charge no booking fee, no credit or debit card fee, and postage is free in the UK when you book with our staff at either station.

* From 6 July, buses in London went cashless, so you must pay using an Oyster card or a contactless Visa, Mastercard or Amex card.  You can not pay cash on the bus.   (The congestion charge for car users has also now gone up to £11.50 per day.)

* A new railcard product was launched on 2 March 2014 called the Two Together railcard, aimed at those people between 25 and 60 who cannot use the conventional range of railcards.  They can be used at any time except 0430-0930 Monday to Friday.  There is no restriction Saturdays, Sundays and Bank Holidays.

* The new railcard can be used by couples of any sort, and it is possible for an individual to have more than one e.g. with a spouse, also with a friend or work colleague.  Senior citizens who ALWAYS travel as couples might find the new Two Together railcard a better deal than buying two separate Senior Railcards at £30 each, as long as they travel together at all times.

* We encourage our customers to use two leading internet booking engines.  Both and Raileasy appear on this stage, so that if one is unavailable, say, owing to software upgrades overnight, you can use the other.  Ring our numbers at the top of the page if you wish to speak to one of our team.

* You can book tickets on this page on line, or find out about our two staffed stations at Chester-le-Street and Eaglescliffe which deal with bookings over the telephone.    

* Chester-le-Street telephones on 0191 387 1387 are sometimes very busy, so we would recommend calling our other team at Eaglescliffe station.  We have recently upgraded our ticket machines at both stations and Eaglescliffe is unable to issue tickets where the customer is not present, so these tickets are printed and posted from Chester-le-Street.  At Chester-le-Street we have two machines, one for walk-up issues where the customer is present, and one for telephone bookings.

* We are sometimes asked for sales by email.  We find this is an incredibly inefficient way to take bookings and can lead to protracted email correspondence which can be dealt with quickly over the phone.  If you want to book without phoning, please use our website for bookings.

* We have ten members of staff including three apprentices in training.  All want to offer you the best deal for your ticket requirements.

* We had a difficult situation a year ago with a group of people with disabilities wishing to join a train at Chester-le-Street station.  

* Assistance is not normally provided at this station since the staff are not trained, not empowered, not insured and not allowed by the train companies to provide disabled assistance.  For the same reasons we do not blow whistles or dispatch trains.  

* Assistance can be pre-booked for help from the guards on the train who are, of course, directly employed by the train companies, and this can be booked with the appropriate train operator.

* For assistance on TransPennine, call free on 0800 107 2149. For assistance on Northern, call 0808 156 1606.  For assistance on Cross Country, call 0844 811 0125, and for assistance on Grand Central (from Eaglescliffe) call 0844 811 0071.  

* We can supply numbers for other train operating companies too. 

* This website is hosted by Chester-le-Track, based at the real railway station at Chester-le-Street in County Durham on the East Coast  Main Line, and also trading at Eaglescliffe on the Grand Central route from Sunderland to London. 

* We provide rail information on-line and enable you to buy tickets with two booking engines. We also have excellent deals on hotels through Superbreaks,  and these accommodation deals can be combined with fully inclusive rail packages not available to rail-only purchasers.

* Our real station is open at Chester-le-Street until 1800 Monday to Friday and 1400 Saturday and Bank Holidays.  We open at 0710 Tuesday to Friday, 0610 Mondays and 0730 Saturdays.

* Eaglescliffe opens at 0715 Monday to Saturday and closes 1820 Monday to Friday, 1315 Saturdays and Bank Holidays. Please note the car park at Eaglescliffe is presently CLOSED for redevelopment.

* We try to post out tickets issued at our station same day first class, so you will normally get them the following day. Saturday orders will be  posted on Monday.  Over Bank Holiday Mondays, mail goes out on the Tuesday following. 

At Chester-le-Street, the staff team is Helen, Helen 2, and Paul 1, Jack and Tony.  We additionally have an apprentice called Jack, who started in January and has now built up some expertise.

At Eaglescliffe we have Martin and Paul and apprentices Ali and Henry. 

Please book your tickets with us over the internet, or in person or over the phone as you prefer.

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Alex Nelson Stationmaster, Chester-le-Street.

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