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Welcome to Chester-Le-Track's virtual government. You have heard perhaps of the Shadow Strategic Rail Authority.

Well this is the shadow UK Government, run by the private sector to help people move around the government sites. Please note that this is not an official government site, but connects through to official sources.

Liberal Democrats Site for the Liberal Democrat party, which is probably the most pro-public transport of the main political parties.
North East Assembly The North East Assembly is spearheading a campaign to give the North East control over many decisions currently taken by remote Government officials in London, so they can be made by the people they affect.
Finding Ways Accessibliity information for diabled and elderly people, as well as parents of young children. Features reviews by the public sharing their experiences at venues throughout the world.
Chris Foote Wood Site for Liberal Democrat prospective MEP candidate for the north east, who helped the stationmaster with his campaign for the County Council.
The Royal Family Home of The Queen's website and the rest of the Royals
Labour Party The official Labour Party site.
Local Government Ombudsman Investigating maladministration by local government around the country.
Open Government Gateway site to the UK Government, linking to all government departments and agencies. Third lie in business "I'm from the government, I'm here to help you." (No.1 "the cheque is in the post", no.2 "I'm working late tonight darling")
Parliamentary Adv. Council on Transport Safety Promoting transport safety legislation to protect human life. Covers all modes, hence is appearing in our government links. Good for statistics and information and onward links on this subject.
Transport 2000 National environmental transport group.

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