Chester-le-Street : 0191 387 1387
Eaglescliffe : 01642 200 140

National Rail Enquiry Service (24hr) : 08457 48 49 50

Chester-le-Track Telephone Bookings

We take orders for rail tickets throughout our operating day, and indeed a good time to call is Mondays from 0645 to 0715 when we are open but usually quiet. Later on, Mondays is our busiest day.

We handle as many phone calls as we can, and usually post out the same day first class, except Saturday when the post goes beofre we close at 1300, and the post goes off on Monday.

Our present team is:

Helen 1, Helen 2, David, Justin, Andrew and Toni.

They can be reached on 0191 387 1387. There needs to be five working days between your booking and the date of outward travel for the Royal Mail to get the tickets to you.

For a shorter period than this, use our online service to pick up tickets at automated ticket machines at larger stations, or (if this is possible) come in and see us in person and we will do your booking on the spot. We do not have the facility to pick up tickets odered on the internet at our station, but are expecting to install an appropriate machine this year.

It is pssible to order by phone and pick tickets up at the station in person later.

Our lines are busy at many times of the day, unfortuanately because many people are calling for enquiries only which our booking line does not handle. For National Rail Enquiries, phone 08457 48 49 50. Afternoons are less busy than mornings, and the end of the week is quieter than the beginning.

We do all types of ticketing througout Great Britain and to and from Ireland (both the Republic and Northern Ireland.) We specialise in:

* season tickets
* tickets for groups throughout the country
* tickets to and from the north-east
* tickets to and from London

You can also book tickets online using the form on our home page using or but we don't take orders via email because we have learned through bitter experience that e-mail is not a good way to take ticket orders.

We have sometimes sent three or four messages back and forth to identify the best ticket for journey, and on other occasions people have received their tickets before telling us they have, for example, a railcard, or want to buy one, or want First instead of standard class. The same applies to tickets by letter.

It's much easier to chat on the phone and quickly establish answers to questions that help us to drill down from the 56 million permutations of tickets to find the one which is right for you!

Chester-le-Street Tel: +44 (0)191 387 1387
Eaglescliffe Tel: +44 (0)1642 200 140

Booking office at Chester-le-street is open:
0620 - 1800 Mon (except Bank Holidays)
0730 - 1800 Tues - Fri --- 0730 - 1300 Sat

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